Saturday, October 22, 2011

What Does It Hold?

I've been pondering about my future and what it could hold. It's an amazing mystery. As I sat in my Serial Killers course, soaking in the horrific details of the crimes, I felt such a surge of passion run throughout my body. At that exact moment, I felt such a desire to just fill out an application for the local PD and start getting as many SOBs in prison that I could. I think I've definitely picked the right career path for me. We'll see how that pans out.

I was talking with a guy in my class today who was an active soldier. He was giving my all sorts of input about the military and it was pretty cool. He recommended I get into the Officer program from the start if I can. It's something I'm definitely contemplating.

As for dating and all that jazz, I'm not sure that I really want to have a relationship until I'm older. Obviously the career paths I'm wanting to take will prevent me from being a stay-at-home mommy or anything. Again, we'll see how that pans out. I'm not sure I'll push away a man who's wanting to pursue a relationship with me, but I'm not exactly the type to pursue a man that I'm interested in (unless it's Matthew Gray Gubler, of course).

Just a few things I've got on my mind and felt like spitting out into a random and rather disorganized blog post.

Cai T Lin

Friday, October 21, 2011

Tonight I Have A Date With...

A serial killer! Actually, it's with serial killers. Plural. It's my first session for my course over serial killers. I'm pretty psyched! I live for this stuff! It'll be amazing to have it taught by an agent that I've familiarized myself with over the past few years. I'm planning to get to the classroom early just so I can get a spot right up front. I've got my notebooks and a billion pens and pencils ready to go. I cannot wait! In the mean time, I'm reading up on serial killers as a bit of a preparatory assignment for myself. I'll have to report back on what we went over.

Cai T Lin

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sleepful In Kansas

Perhaps it is because the weather is changing. Then again, I may have caught Olive's cold. Of course, I could have just been insanely tired. I slept 12 hours in this 24 hour time span. Yep. Literally slept half the day. And let me tell you, it felt grand! I'm still tired as it nears the exact minute of the 24 hour marker, however, I've got to finish this assignment for tomorrow's class.

I've been looking at my next few weeks ahead and gosh there's so much going on! I feel like I won't have time to sleep and relax. Assignments are piling up and there ain't no stopping them. This weekend and one of the first weekends in November I'll have my school workshop for my Serial Killers course. I'm psyched, without doubt, but that's just another thing that will have me busy, busy, busy! (On top of that, I'll have several other commitments to tend to.)

The SK course starts this Friday. So tomorrow, I've got a lot of stuff to get done. Class. Work out. Nap (hopefully not 5 hours like today's). Do my Psych homework and quiz. Study for my exam over Security (and take it if I have the time). Now if I can get all that done, I'll have the whole weekend to just concentrate on the SK course and soak in every detail without worry.

I'm falling asleep here updating. Guess that's a sign to wrap it up and finish my homework so I can really get some shut eye. Until next time...

Cai T Lin

Sunday, October 16, 2011

On The Road Again

Alas, my weekend has come to an end. I enjoyed my time at my parents & brothers, and got to have a rather enjoyable weekend around people instead of a miserable time with the 8 legged "comrades" that have seemingly taken over my living quarters.

Today my bestie treated me to lunch which was quite delicious despite my lack of hunger. It was good to see her again. Far too much time passes in between our visits. I suppose it's prepping us for a year from now, when she'll be moving to the other side of the country and when I plan to enlist. We shall see if our plans work out and where the roads lead us. 

It's suppertime now so I should get to it. Afterwards, I must get my car all packed up and hit the road for my 2 hour drive. Yippee. 

Cai T Lin

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Shopping Day

Today my Momma and I went shopping. I got some groovy brown corduroys (they remind me of the 70s) and a charming cream and brown patterned jacket (hard to describe, but it's adorable). Pretty sure I'm gonna wear it for Thanksgiving. The outfit is just so autumn! (Which, by the way, is my absolute favorite season.)

I'm really wanting to get some more cowboy boots & jeans. I'd like some flannel shirts too... they're so cozy! I saw one I liked today that was way typical lumberjack material but they didn't have my size. Shucks! That would have been an amusing top to show off! Oh well, I don't look all that well in red anyway so I can't complain too much.

Welp I'd say that about does it. 

^ My adorable jacket!^
 ^My groovy corduroys!^
^Check out the groovy belt!^
Cai T Lin

Hello Bloggers!

I'm really not that big into blogging though I find it to be such a fun concept! I don't like gushing out details of my day to day life, but there are random things I'll feel like blogging about. Check back every now & then for something new by yours truly!

Cai T Lin