Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sleepful In Kansas

Perhaps it is because the weather is changing. Then again, I may have caught Olive's cold. Of course, I could have just been insanely tired. I slept 12 hours in this 24 hour time span. Yep. Literally slept half the day. And let me tell you, it felt grand! I'm still tired as it nears the exact minute of the 24 hour marker, however, I've got to finish this assignment for tomorrow's class.

I've been looking at my next few weeks ahead and gosh there's so much going on! I feel like I won't have time to sleep and relax. Assignments are piling up and there ain't no stopping them. This weekend and one of the first weekends in November I'll have my school workshop for my Serial Killers course. I'm psyched, without doubt, but that's just another thing that will have me busy, busy, busy! (On top of that, I'll have several other commitments to tend to.)

The SK course starts this Friday. So tomorrow, I've got a lot of stuff to get done. Class. Work out. Nap (hopefully not 5 hours like today's). Do my Psych homework and quiz. Study for my exam over Security (and take it if I have the time). Now if I can get all that done, I'll have the whole weekend to just concentrate on the SK course and soak in every detail without worry.

I'm falling asleep here updating. Guess that's a sign to wrap it up and finish my homework so I can really get some shut eye. Until next time...

Cai T Lin

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