Saturday, October 15, 2011

Shopping Day

Today my Momma and I went shopping. I got some groovy brown corduroys (they remind me of the 70s) and a charming cream and brown patterned jacket (hard to describe, but it's adorable). Pretty sure I'm gonna wear it for Thanksgiving. The outfit is just so autumn! (Which, by the way, is my absolute favorite season.)

I'm really wanting to get some more cowboy boots & jeans. I'd like some flannel shirts too... they're so cozy! I saw one I liked today that was way typical lumberjack material but they didn't have my size. Shucks! That would have been an amusing top to show off! Oh well, I don't look all that well in red anyway so I can't complain too much.

Welp I'd say that about does it. 

^ My adorable jacket!^
 ^My groovy corduroys!^
^Check out the groovy belt!^
Cai T Lin

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